FF05 | For those who remain

by Low Relief

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Debut Ep of Low Relief, French Emo/Hardcore band based in Poitiers, France
physical order : this summer


released August 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Fireflies Fall Poitiers, France

DIY Punk/Rock/Indie/Emo/Hardcore label/distro/booking from Poitiers, France

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Track Name: Room
A lot of stories begin with "once upon a time" and finish with "they lived happily ever after"

In real life, everything is different. Time is going so fast you can’t even grasp it and you are not waiting for your / waiting for your end.
Every day, in her hospital room, I'm waiting for opened-eyes, some movements, a kind of sign or just a few second to be awake.

My story, her story. There'll still be a link between.
I'm pacing back and forth around her bed

Trying to avoid all those ropes, those cables connected to her body.
Her heart is beating, beating so loud, I’m really scared by (all) this chemistry.
My heart is beating, beating so loud, (I) ask to my mum how sick she is.

Some machines make her be alive (but I) still have some hope she'll breathe again.
(this is) a moment of your life where you have to be | closer to your family.

Your sister, you really care about her | and you’re feeling is
that it's too late

Everything is different. Time is going so fast you can’t even grasp it and you are not waiting for your / waiting for your end.
Every day, in her hospital room, I'm waiting for opened-eyes, some movements, a kind of sign or just a few second to be awake.
Track Name: The first day of the rest of my life
Death is closer to us than ever
I become distraught and tears appear
My mind freeze on the monitor
While we’re turning off your life support
Time has stretched but gone so quick at the same time
Your breath is getting slower and slower
But your chest is still moving.
Another hopeless feeling hits me.
Your pulse is decreasing.
The border between life and death will be nearly crossed

Those hours spent remembering our youth.
All those memories you left behind are the most important things you gave (to) me.
All those memories I will never have. I can only Imagine.
All those words I’ld like to say to you

It only takes a short moment.
Your skin is already different. Already cold.
You passed away. You passed away.
I now have to rebuild everything I built
I now have to remember all I can remember
Tomorrow will be the first day of the rest of my life
Track Name: Too tired to sleep
There will be no tomorrow
I’ll fall into the unknown
The sun is rising and shining for the last time
The Black Hole of my mind
Feeds the night inside me
When I’m standing here

Right in front of the coffin
I remember when we were munchkins
I throw the flower with everything implied
Is there a best way to say goodbye?

Too tired to sleep
Don’t want any pills
You call me every night
I can’t keep
The nightmare inside me, full of pain
Makes you die over and over again
I never let these drops of water run down my cheeks
I only cry in dreams
Can I let it go?

Will these feelings escape from that prison?
I don’t see any “ends” on the horizon
Track Name: Scissors and arrows
Dear father,
I’ve got one thing to say to you
I'd like to Break Down and cry to show you more feelings than a single word can ever express
Let me try to gather all these things
Let me hope that all my burns are unreal

Until I find the right words, until I find the right link
I have to know why my lines are empty
Loneliness goes along with insomnia

All my questions are suspended and the ropes are hanging me
You didn't shout before. Mom, should I try? Mom, should I look a reason for my dry eyes?

Scissors and arrows clean my wounds and took off the silence from my mouth,
A loud scream from the first bet to the elders and the youngsters last party

My face is six feet under and my tears are almost dying
All I want is a place to cry, all I want is a place to breathe again and again
Dear father, can you give me what I need, the thing I should know
To understand why my eyes stay dry
Track Name: Faced up to reality
All my thoughts and my entire world feed my sadness and I can’t stop this mechanic. I can’t stop it.
I’m just a kid, a piece of a man with few emotions
With some true smiles on a scared face, like affliction.
My feelings are drowned into the invisible sea.
They only resurface in dreams that you can’t see.

Every day is identical but my birthday is not the same anymore.
The last time I saw you turns into a nightmare hidden behind the door.
The darkest beast I ever felt, the most disturbing spell.

A plane flies in the sky. My heart is overwhelmed with pain and wishes.
I have to get on board and fall asleep not to burn to ashes.
Traveling into the cloud of my mind.
The emergency landing should not be done by the pilot who’s blind.

I ask myself and finally find a story.
I ask my dad, where do I belong?
My story is only written on my face, in my head.
In the sand where I fell.