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FF018 | Sublimons les Blessures

by Golden Seams

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235 km 03:06
A flicker of a smile • We won’t see each other for a while • And in the last embrace, I try to memorize the shape of your face • From a departure to a new start • I watch some pictures to warm the cockles of my heart • Move on, I am left out • It’s a new day • I washed away, I washed away the past • Start again, delete the pain • I get new tastes, try not to waste (time) • I settle down, come back from space • The moment I see your face • From who I was to who I am (now) • I choose this life to warm the cockles of my heart •
It’s for the best, I ruin everything • Whatever I choose I raze everything • I burn flowers with my watering can • I tried to sit but I always ran • I guess I hit the ground, instead of bouncing back • It’s always for the worst • My good intentions are always doomed to failure • Whatever I try even those which are sure • My argumentative nature doesn’t help me in any way • Everything has a negative impact these days • Drowned into the possibilities, I need to breathe • My choice doesn’t matter, I’ll wear the wreath • I’ll definitely make mistakes until my death • It’s always for the worst •
Guidance at its best • I discovered what’s in the chest • Typical butterfly thoughts • A comprehension I never bought • I had faith in you • but you tore my point of view • My house was windowless • You gagged me, stopped my breath • When the curtain rose, I discovered your true colors • A colossal disappointment • I cast doubt on what we’ve done • This entails (many) consequences • I’m almost scared when I kiss •
We see the world collapse from our shiny window • We feel like we’re in rehab, workless and alone • The weight of the guilt should be heavy • They must confess : «where is the gravity?» • The right to swing my fist ends where the other man’s nose begins • I still smell the arrogance between your fingers • A perfume that awake my anger • When will you find your altruism? • I’m sure it’s hidden under your selfishness • Don’t you care about the others? • Some might not feel safe in this shared space •
Colorblind 02:33
Pretending it never happened • Is it a way to lie to yourself? • From your dream you didn’t awaken It’s not a nightmare that you can put away • You want to be blind but it’s contagious • The persecutor trusts his mind but it’s obvious • It doesn’t help him, It doesn’t heal him • Will you face up to reality? • How can I still trust humanity? • You told me that you matter but you left Sleeping Beauty in her tower • An unsolvable situation • Trust the victim not the reasons • You abandoned me • You abandoned the idea and validated a behavior from the ugly warrior, from someone who feels superior • I know the system made you colorblind but realize what you left behind •An empty glass containing the deadliest water •An empty glass showing me you don’t matter •
It’s time to go to bed to Sleep all night long • All the things you’ve ever said were not so often wrong •
We are the kings • The kings of nothing. An internal writhing • Average people in an average world • Where most interactions are cold • A fight against anxiety • Even love becomes violence • It’s a venom with high toxicity • We feel alone in this obedience • Lost, we’re in pieces • Our brains should be burned to ashes • Some say It’s just a matter of scale but you can’t control the wind when you sail • Noxious environments change our mood • We could be like red riding hood • A frail mind into the dark led by the sound of skylarks • Maybe we are stronger than we think we are • Hear the lion inside us roar • Our weaknesses turn into strengths • We were in pain, we had so much pain, from our stance •
For an instant, an ephemeral moment • I now live in a foam swirl, trapped in this bubbling whirl • This deserted life stabs me in the back with a knife • I can’t counterattack • I don’t exist anymore behind the walls of silence and punishment • I can’t exist anymore in this stone-deaf environment • I’m so scared to do nothing • It seems I’ll never be exhausted • The struggle of living in a vacuum • I am the fish from the aquarium • Between imaginary mates loneliness is a reassuring shell • I drown in infinity In my own prison cell • I guess I’ll never learn how to swim through the void outside • I’ll sink with no return stuck into the fog inside • I’d prefer to climb mountains When I miss my friends •
Un choix imposé par le capital • Ce despotisme fut incontestable • Un soupçon de réflexion perpétuellement réprimandée • Combien d’autres nieront sans considérer ? • Une conception dite « extrême » • Pourquoi ne l’estime-t-on pas « ordinaire » ? • On est leurré par le système • Dans le déni, on oublie, on coopère • Puis on sombre, on se noie jusqu’à la dernière goutte • Sans débat, on se saoule avec amertume, sans doute • Un voyage dans ta dépendance n’est pas de tout repos • Qu’importe l’accordage, cela sonnera toujours faux • La foi est-elle plus forte que le désir ? • Un doute puis les lobbies bâtirent l’empire • On consomme, on se consume • On cloisonne nos vies nocturnes • On consomme, on se consume • Sans consonne, une fois dans l’urne •
A daily lie I fought against • They filled my head with no sense • I stopped crying in my plate • There was a time, I cut my mistakes • I now believe in a different game • You don’t have to win, it’s so lame • It’s hard to forgive everything I did • This distorted reality they have taught me since I was a kid • The equation is solved • Forget everything they told • Don’t let your heart become a stone • Forget everything you’ve done • It’s time to move on • That time can be gone •



released February 10, 2021

Golden Seams is Arthur (Low Relief, Bear and Forbear) solo project.

This album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Caryl Marolleau at Studio Safuzz.
Cover Credits :
Layout : Oceane (www.maya-culpa.com)
Picture : Audrey (stickininmyeye.tumblr.com / www.instagram.com/audrey_barker_stickininmyeye/)
Model : Carole Bouyer


all rights reserved



Fireflies Fall Bordeaux, France

D.I.Y. record label based in Bordeaux, France


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