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FF011 | Truth Fades

by Young Harts

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Singled Out 03:17
This time I feel like I’m singled out. Head high, reason that I’ll think about. Right now, bleeding from my only heart. Still sour, present here from the start. Head down, freak I’m suffocating. Don’t frown, bleak we’re separating. So tired, nothing is relating. I’ll sit down now sleep forever waiting. Get back up still forever waiting, Get back up still forever waiting. Bring back the feelings that I felt last night. Laid back staring at you out of spite. On my own I’m breaking through these boundaries. For my own, I reason with these temporaries.
Well if Pride and punishment can bring me back. Because I’m tired and cold, shaking like a rat. Well I’ve got to feel this heat pulse through my veins. Now it’s time to figure out this little change. And get on down, to figure out this. Now It’s time to climb this hill right to the top. Voluntary, ascension can not stop. See the gears move, fit right into place. Mechanically, shifting at my pace. To settle down and figure out this.
Rearranged 02:28
Look at me, Just standing here. Staring up through haze, These times will change. The bottle’s only halfway full. Not far from the brim. I’ll fill it up, There’s water pouring still. Feels like my heart’s been rearranged. Quite sure this mess can be contained. Confusion raging, Through my veins. Wondering how these things Could get so staind. Sometimes I think I’m safe, Then looking at my face, Are the remnants Of potential future’s past.
Pace 03:45
Driving down the backstreet, Feeling like trash, Arriving on time, I know you think I’m fast. Obstacles will never keep me back. You can't keep up this pace no more. Corners keep blocking like before. What have you been asking, What have you been asking for? Taking all your time now, Taking your time for sure. I'll be coming your way, Moving in sometime soon. Because patience is a virtue, Something that'll get you through. Bring it on back now, Bring it on back for more. I know what you're fighting, Should you be fighting for? Give yourself a break now, Gotta take it step by step, Moving at this speed, You're gonna stumble up, I bet. Leaving this feeling in your head. Bursting with intentions instead. Proving there's not just one direction. Moving with pace that's not deception. Wipeout will only pass you by.
Intern 03:25
Break me out of this little cell, Unchain my feet and I’ll feel well. Move my body and my soul. Shakedown, Intern, no more. It’s a sign that we’ll make it baby, Intern, no more. Take these bound from round my wrists, Freakout. All these moments that I missed, To bring them back I insist. Help me struggle out of this, Breakdown. Hold my chin up shake me more.
Breaking season, fear for a day. Owning, reason, feelings away. Just because your luck has changed, Doesn’t mean you can take it further. Keep your wheels upon the track. Consistency is over famed. That’s why it can last no longer. Take the step and change your hat. Breaking season, fear for a day. Owning, reason, feelings away. Walk on backwards through the crowd, Faces turn away. They’ll see you another day. Now you’re lying on the floor. Thoughts have gone astray. You’ll be dreaming here contently.
For A Life 02:33
These promises you’re making for yourself. A way to pay your dues and feel so prime. Now taking things for granted just don’t pay. You’re inadvertently asking to stay. Just for a life, For a life, Realise the worth of such small stakes. Just for a life, For a life, That’s all they ask and nothing can replace. Contemplate the reasons for this act. To move a world, to another patch. And understand the need for better air. To breathe again, why’d you even care.
You make me feel weightless And feel hard to crush. You underestimate your touch. I’ve hit the bottom. I’ve reached the top. I’ve driven slowly down this road. There were some good times, There were some bad. All these memories prevail. Waiting for you, that’s what they said. Waiting for you they said. Already new, you’re on my side. Loyalty through time. We’ve lived through pleasure. And suffered some pain. Yet always reacted honestly. Making me breathless. Improving my state. I’ll keep fighting for your dream. Now I just, wanna thank you all, all right now. Because all, all that matters, is here and now, here and now.
thanks to all the gang, lovers and our friends for the good words and the brews in this place where we can't feel sad, nest of confidence that pushes away all the bad news when we're feeling down lost and confused in what feels like everlasting sorrow we look forward for this interlude that will take place behind the swing door come and take a seat, stop thinking about it you with your lads, warm and safe it is if you ain't got a fucking quid, no need to borrow we'll be happy (to) buy you rounds till next morrow when we're feeling down lost and confused in what feels like everlasting sorrow we look forward for this interlude that will take place behind the swing door that will take place behind the swing door that will take place behind the swing door that will take place behind take place behind take place behind the swing door



released October 6, 2019

Young Harts is Chris, Julien, Nico, Yohan

Recorded at Magic Studio
Mixed by Nicolas Eschalier at Magic Studio
(Except « At The Browery », recorded and mixed by Pascal Mondaz at Sonic Red)
Mastered by Thibault Chaumont at Deviant Lab

Cover photo by Jordan Mouillot
Design by Jean Fournery


all rights reserved



Fireflies Fall Bordeaux, France

D.I.Y. record label based in Bordeaux, France


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