FF010 | Shades and Paper Faces

by Low Relief

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Masquerade 01:54
What are you hiding behind your flesh mask? Even if you decide to close your eyes, you can't hide away, can't hide forever because feelings don't lie, words don't die. And the mask will fall off.
A focus on myself, a reason for my loneliness, This desert of solitude scares me My tears had a bitter taste When you were gone, when all my friends left me alone I’m looking for a reason to burn, like a torch without its fire You should hate the old me who hurt you and focus on the people who care about you Can you hear, the silence in my head, Can you hear the violence in the sand (x2) of the beach where you lost me. I need you, I miss you, I feel you and I'm going to, work hard on myself I SWEAR, to be the best I've ever been I SWEAR! (x2) No trees in the sky, on my face there's no smile. My house is not the worse, but the saddest, full of old stuff. Old pictures, old stories, between you and me there is more than a movie. A focus on myself, a reason for my loneliness, This desert of solitude scares/frightens me me. My tears have no taste anymore, I take it upon myself but it’s so hard in the morning I have no reason to burn, like a torch without its fire.
Plane Crash 02:45
I feel like I’m in a plane crash, there’s only one way ahead of us. Our common love becomes a common sadness When everything is dark, when you’re caught in a whirlwind, nothing can save you, no one can see you Your hands were cold but I couldn’t warm them You were here but I felt so far away Am I too weak to move? Or do you just weigh me down on purpose? Do you want us to take the fall together? Sadness fills me to the brim but still I feel empty I feel like I’m in a plane crash, there’s only one way ahead of us.
Proxémie 02:30
The cold hits my skin, freezes my head and eats my bones. My flesh and my blood seem to be made of stone. The final thoughts before becoming blind Like a hollow shell, I'm empty and dead inside. I clear my mind, I feel nothing, I feel nothing. Am I still a human being? He showed up on a land he doesn't own. This destroyed place where he doesn't belong. This destroyed place where my soul broke down. My voice was trapped in a cage. There might be a link with my age. I was only 5 years old. And I already felt the cold.
Sparkles 02:30
I glimpse the sun behind the rainfall. It's too thick to cross the wall My smoke-filled head is full of clouds My ghosts catch me again. I wasn't (so) close to the end. Tied to my ideas I can't find the keys To lock up unfairness you thought you were the king. But there wasn't any realm You burned the forest (But) you didn’t wear any real helm Tears don’t shed from my eyes but my voice sounds very tight 'cause I heard some whispers: "there's no cure from the doctors".
Void 03:15
Little feather, why do I feel like I'm carrying you like a burden? Little feather, your sweetness turned into nausea, my parched heart can't drink on it And the mere thought of us being separated from you makes me sick. The dreaded moment when the questions to ask came up As I'm about to have my wings cut off I make the choice not to fly away, not to keep you, Time has been on the run, but I'm moving in slow motion. Because my decision must be made quickly but not hastily. my body will remember the consequences They interfere in my life But this feather is mine, I'm the one on the edge of the knife the consequences will be remembered by my body Time has resumed its course. I never thought the absence of your lightness would be so heavy. Little feather I feel like a bird that can only pretend to be I will not forget and I will no longer suffer.



released June 1, 2019

This EP was released through :
- Bike Punk (ES/FR), Dead Punx Records (BE), Non Ti Seguo Records (IT), Culture Famine (CH), • Smart and Confused • (FR), Skatepizza (FR) and Fireflies Fall (FR) for the vinyl 12'' version.

- Pencil records (FR) for the tape version

- Fireflies Fall (FR) for the screenprinted cd version (thanks to Chocs et Ennui)

Recorded and mixed by Caryl Marolleau in January 2019
Mastered by Thibault Chaumont in February 2019
Artwork by Rodrigo Almanegra


all rights reserved



Fireflies Fall Bordeaux, France

D.I.Y. records label in Bordeaux, France


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