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FF007 | S​/​T

by Les Mauvais Jours

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Dig 02:35
« I’ve been looking for, some time for some fun. - Come with me. I swear you will loosen up. - It’s been quite a while since I had a good time. - Come with me. I swear. » You’ve been looking for some party time, You’re gonna get some. Tonight there’s no stopping us. We will be whoever we want, no one will say a word! Let's get out of history, come and see, leave it all. Let's take back our story, come and see, leave it all. No one will talk for us now. Stand with me, find a shelter in here, You can claim anything, if you feel like it. Dance on the deck, safe from the sea. We slide and go, Stump our feet, hit the road, leave 'em drown behind.
Panda 02:09
And I wonder I am still In the spokes of your wheel? In the winter do orchids Blossom or go to seed? I hope there’s still a part of me Under your cuticle. First thing first I’m gonna die Then back on track Then get you back. I know it might not be right But it’s the only line I think about. And I wonder if I sing, Would it ease the pain I feel? All these cactuses won’t sting But the paint might fade or peel. And my eyes don’t seem as dry As the wine in your duchess glass. And may time goes by But the last days of summer never pass.
Is this the call of fun, Or a visceral need for a breath of fresh air? Is this road going somewhere? The horizon is the reason We pack our bags and leave it all behind. Can you learn something new From reading the same old book? Over and over. There’s something in the air tonight, Looks like we’ll be alright, tonight. Unload the van, Reload our hearts with smiles and hugs. New friends, familiar faces. Laval, Rio, Rokycany, With smiles and hugs.
Spring City 03:12
For years I’ve dropped some thoughts on paper. I’ve put my soul, my heart in those words. Pamphlets, love songs, essays and letters. But I never wrote to you. It took me time to get to try. I took it on me it was time. Looked for you, there you were. Swear it’s true lil’ sister. Even came to the Spring city For you 26th birthday. Didn’t know your name, Didn’t even know your face. Now that I found ‘em, I know yours but I can’t tell. You don’t know my name, You don’t even know my face. Cissy little sis’, Little sister, tell me when.
Steps 01:56
I never got the thing about clothes and what is cool to wear. Are lumberjack shirts still a thing? But I guess it's less than relevant, these days. How come male complaints are still a thing? From bathroom courts to urban asylums, Why the fuck do we’ve got to judge? From legal fashion to daily aggressions, Who the fuck are we to blame? Born on the right side of the tracks, With no notion of what’s what. Privileged with no knowledge Of what it’s like to be on edge. And we keep preaching encore, Or muting more, so we talk for. Don’t need no approval, Don’t need no ownership, Don’t need no spokesperson, Don’t need a song like this. Can we try to step down? Instead of stepping in. Can we try to shut up? Our legitimacy is paper-thin.
Colossus 02:54
We shape the colours in order to make sense. I know no one gets it the same way. We're to be clear as day. Give yourself some time to be spot on. I’ve been on the path you know and I’ve drown in the bay for sure, This blazing floe has blurred my senses. This ocean of ashes I was in Took my tongue, my eyes away and All I saw was grey. Open your eyes, clear your head. Forget the frame, get insight. Aim your target, hit the mark, With what you got. A severed foot fell in the sea. All of them drowned with no one to hear.
So Long 02:47
Wherever you’re staying... Whatever life you’ve built... Is there some way to make up that we may? You’re gone for good, my genuine fear’s that it’s too late. We departed on a wrong note, It was my fault you shut down. From my mistakes, I took it on me, Made some changes on my own. Wherever you’re staying, I’d like to meet someday. Whatever life you’ve built, I hope that you’re okay. I failed to find the words, the time. I failed to say the right things you needed. I don’t know why it took so long For me to say I’m sorry now.
Cards 02:46
When lines are being drawn, And pages are being turned, How far did I go? And what did I learn? If I could back in time and make things right... Would it still be me? One more second to breath, one moment to think... Now where would I live? I've been fooled And I will be fooled again. Got less hair, more wrinkles, One can't derail every train. Gonna reshuffle the cards myself, no. This time I am gonna kick the deck! Gonna reshuffle the cards myself, no. There's nothing I can't ever be. Was hot, I was cold, Was yes, I was no, But I learned when to fight and when to kiss. Some stories untold, Lots of open secrets... Here's the best version of me. I'm not afraid 'bout tomorrow, not anymore. Yesterday's far I wonder where is tomorrow?
December 02:21
Thirteen cars are parked under the bright city lights. Ice on their windshields, their handles cold as the night. Coming to an end is this year and i forgot, How many smokes I had and how many lies I told. Above the parking lot, I stand but I can’t recall. Thirteen cars in a row, No one but the mist on the road. Hear the silence rumbling in the night. See the time pass as these last twelve months have. December’s here and I can’t get out of my head All the moments we spent apart in the same place. Fifty weeks have passed, I can’t seem to realize, What I did with my time, what we went through you and I. Not a soul outside, only I and thirteen cars. I reflect on the past, as the ice does with the lights. This silent december’s night’s all I have.
Fading 03:07
ve got those flashbacks of long stares at the ceiling When any word you say would betray your thinking. Memories of late-teen years echoing in my mind. Just a phase they said but they came in last night. Dream out loud, sweat your secrets, Breathe in and whisper the forgotten tales. Start over any low ends. Don’t need sleeping pills to bring back the spells. Doesn’t it seem so easy now ? Doesn’t it seem so easy, what you feel now. I tell myself « I’m ok » and it fades out to another day.



released March 2, 2018

Recorded live at the Domino’s Bar in Lemberg (FR), engineered and mixed by Ted Moody.
Mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden Recording Studio in San Francisco (USA).


all rights reserved



Fireflies Fall Bordeaux, France

D.I.Y. record label based in Bordeaux, France


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