FF003 | A Man On A Wire

by Clipper Ship

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released July 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Fireflies Fall Poitiers, France

DIY Punk/Rock/Indie/Emo/Hardcore label/distro/booking from Poitiers, France

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Track Name: Rope dancer
A man walking on a tightrope with no net,
On a dream that he can get.
One way to proceed.
Air blows throught the hair, only a step to the side,
Only a look beside
The rope, don't forget the creed.

Not seeing the end of our tale
Is a proof that we're living.
A pilgrim who search his promised land
Will have one thing to tell,
His story, how did he get there.

A free puppet, but a foot cast on the wire,
The way of desire.
One mind here to stay.
And between all the dangers,
The rope dancer moves back and forth,
And thus we live on a tightrope.
Track Name: On the window
Sitting on my window I look
At the roof outside, a cieled book.
I start draming, I begin to think...

Wherever I must go,
Tell me that I wont' be afraid,
Ho captain my captain don't leave me alone
Tell me you'll guide me again.

Walking on a line that we can't see,,
Too shy to expect the end of the story.
Elightened by the only light I see,
A crying face, the world's legacy,
I wish fot time to freez,
The fear of change seems to ease me.
Track Name: A Storm And A New Wind Blow
Fragile mind never can tell,
He'll never see the light again.
It's our job to show him how.

I'm not insane, I just fel down,
So down my friend, now a fear,
A Tear on my smile that I can't find anymore.

I forgot time like those,
When I knew how,
When I wasn't low.
A ladder that I can't climb,
Into my mind below
Now I'm saying
Don't save me, what you saying ?
I save you for...

I'm not blind, I'm just trusting my mind,
My only faith of all time,
The only judge who can give me an answer.

Corrupted by my withdrawal,
He looks at me,
And tortures me.
Now I need a new wind blow,
To find the keys of
This closed door.
Track Name: The Silver tray
As Far as I remember
The rain never stop
By useless complaints.
Isn't it better to use our anger
To come back home,
Rather than to get all soaked ?

I mean we're wainting for a saint,
He'll serve us on a silver tray our satisfied complaints.
Your dream won't come cause' you're a grouch
Then, stay stuck blindly on your couch

Where are we going ? So down,
Always closer to the ground.

Day after day you never stop wailing,
I feel you need pain to fill up your days.
Pray, keep on praying for all that you failed,
To leave you blind and find something new to wail.

It's When we look we don't have Oh we forget
What we possess and miss to love what we get.
It becomes a drug flowing in our veins,
We're always looking for something new to complain.
Track Name: Recovery
Brand new day, go forward
No more fears, no more bad thoughts
No more tears for a sick brain,
No more false tragedies.

Go away from my mind, the voice that say the world is a tear o'mine
I'm not scared to claim that my fears were a scar in time.
I apologize to all those I made cry,
Hope you don't judge me cause' I was so blind.

And now I'm gone...

Stay away from my mind, Ho memories of decadence
My hopes were only demons in my drama play.
Now I don't give a damn for this kind of waste of time,
I don't seek happiness anymore, now I want it.

I bless you all, actors of this happy ending,
Tears are not crime, but don't use them more than you need.